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Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation, aiming to connect individuals for great causes and improve data, AI, and analytics solutions. A mathematician, cryptographer, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur with successful startups in Silicon Valley and the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, she has a rich background in system security and technological innovation. Sherry champions women in STEM and strives to influence a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.

As a business leader and advocate for female entrepreneurship, she co-founded Women Funding Women to amplify women-led ventures. Sherry holds both a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and an honorary doctorate for her work promoting girls and women to study and pursue a career in STEM.

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [5:44] Sherry Shannon-Vanstone’s journey from cryptologic work with the US government to entrepreneurship
  • [10:15] The importance of being risk-aware rather than risk-averse
  • [11:29] Sherry highlights the significance of cultural competence in global leadership.
  • [13:30] How culture, inclusivity, and diversity shape leadership and success in startups
  • [17:57] Sherry shares the concept and mission of Women Funding Women 
  • [30:20] The value of seeking advice on career and personal growth from experienced mentors
  • [35:08] Sherry discusses pushing beyond failure with a mindset of persistence and resilience

In this episode…

Have you questioned whether taking risks and stepping into the unknown would bring you to where you wanted to be? Is it possible to bridge the gap between fulfilling one’s potential and overcoming societal expectations?

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, a crusader for female empowerment, tackles these issues head-on. With an illustrious background in cryptology and a fearless leap into entrepreneurship, Sherry’s story is nothing short of inspiration, as she highlights the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in male-dominated fields such as tech and government, as well as the journey to fostering a culture of inclusivity and achieving successful startup ventures.

Listen to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, as host Andrea Heuston sits down with Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation and Co-Founder of Women Funding Women, Inc., to talk about leveling the playing field for women in tech and entrepreneurship. They delve into Sherry’s commitment to supporting women-led ventures and how she carved a significant path for herself and future generations of women leaders in STEM.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “Leading like a woman is not just saying, I don’t understand the risk. I think you have to be risk aware.” 
  • “We need to understand and respect other people’s perspectives, and bring a culture of inclusivity and diversity.”
  • “Be persistent because as you said, we’re gonna fail. And get back up and put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.” 
  • “Don’t limit yourself and be broader with your foundation, and then that can take you anywhere and everywhere.” 
  • “One advice that I was given and this applies to whether you’re studying or whether in work is learn how to pick your battles.”

Action Steps:

1. Embrace risk awareness – Understanding and evaluating risks is crucial for making strategic decisions and pursuing entrepreneurial success.

  • Being risk aware encourages a balanced approach to challenges, enabling you to weigh options and make informed choices as Sherry Shannon-Vanstone demonstrated in her career transitions.

2. Seek out mentorship – Reaching out to experienced professionals can provide guidance and accelerate your learning curve.

  • Sherry’s success story highlights the positive impact of seeking advice and how mentorship can help navigate professional paths, especially in fields like STEM.

3. Build a culture of inclusivity – Champion diversity and respect in your workplace and venture to foster an environment where everyone feels valued.

  • Sherry’s experience shows that a supportive culture not only improves morale but also inspires innovation and retains talent.

4. Support women-led initiatives – Actively participate in or create platforms that empower women entrepreneurs to access resources and opportunities.

  • Inspired by Women Funding Women, Inc., such initiatives can drastically alter the business landscape by increasing female representation in areas like angel investing.

5. Encourage education in STEM – Advocate for relevant science and math educational programs that engage young women and open career opportunities.

  • Consistent with Sherry’s initiative to teach teachers STEM curricula, such advocacy ensures that future generations are better equipped to contribute significantly to evolving sectors.

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