Lead Like A Woman

Lead Like A Woman


Choose Excellence and Success Will Follow

Carolyn Ward, MD is the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health. With over eight years of experience in the health sector and a background as chief resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, she leads the charge in shaping clinical product roadmaps and represents the voice of providers and patients in the development process. At Particle Health, Carolyn’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare access and patient outcomes through innovative, data-driven solutions, transforming how patient information is shared across the medical landscape.

Carolyn Ward
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [3:31] Carolyn Ward, MD shares the inspirations behind her journey into medicine and health tech
  • [5:47] The challenges patients and providers currently face with sharing medical records
  • [8:06] Carolyn discusses the need for a cohesive patient data system for better healthcare outcomes
  • [9:55] How Carolyn’s move to Particle Health allowed her to play a pivotal product-facing role
  • [12:35] The concept of patient encounter alerting and mapping for predictive healthcare
  • [15:57] The significant role AI plays in healthcare’s future in managing patient data and trends
  • [18:20] Why innovation is critical to advancing healthcare practices

In this episode…

Have you ever been frustrated filling out endless forms at a doctor’s office, wondering why your current healthcare provider can’t access your medical history? Isn’t it ironic that despite how advanced medical treatments have become, patient data management seems stuck in the past? What if there’s a way to change that?

Carolyn Ward, MD, a dedicated physician and health tech innovator, introduces us to the revolutionary world of medical data integration. She discusses her path from the halls of Rutgers, delving into medicine, and eventually finding her true passion in the dynamic field of health tech. Particle Health stands as her current platform, where she strives to dismantle the fragmented healthcare system by promoting the unification of patient data for personalized care. Carolyn emphasizes the potential of AI in understanding and predicting individual health outcomes, and how innovation is key in reshaping the relationship between patients and providers.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, host Andrea Heuston sits down with Carolyn Ward, MD, the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health, to talk about leveraging data to transform patient care. Carolyn showcases the power of unified data, the possibilities of AI, and the importance of innovation in the medical field, exploring a future where technology and human touch seamlessly enhance patient outcomes.

Quotable Moments:

  • “Chase excellence, not success because if you chase excellence, success will follow.”
  • “Being a physician is one of those few jobs where you can really go to sleep every night, knowing that you actually made a difference in somebody’s life.”
  • “The future of healthcare lies in our ability to create a cohesive narrative from the data generated throughout a patient’s journey.”
  • “The healthcare system is so fragmented that we expect patients to be the vehicle of transfer for their data.”
  • “AI has the potential to simulate the human body in a way that personalizes treatment and propels healthcare into a new era of precision medicine.”

Action Steps:

1. Foster a curiosity-driven approach in your professional endeavors to unlock innovative solutions.

  • Curiosity leads to unexpected connections and collaborations that fuel innovation, addressing complex challenges as discussed in the episode.

2. Embrace a holistic view of healthcare, integrating Eastern and Western practices.

  • This approach can enrich patient care and lead to more comprehensive treatment strategies, as indicated by the convergence trends mentioned by Carolyn.

3. Advocate for and support advancements in healthcare technology.

  • Embracing tech-driven healthcare changes, such as AI and data integration, can lead to improved patient outcomes, which align with Carolyn’s mission.

4. Leverage personal health data to inform and improve your health journey.

  • Actively managing and understanding personal health data can lead to more personalized care, mirroring the predictive models Carolyn highlighted.

5. Prioritize transparent communication between patients and healthcare providers.

  • Improving communication can reduce data fragmentation and improve the quality of care, tackling one of the main concerns raised by Carolyn in the episode.

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