Kindness Is Key

Christy Pretzinger

Christy Pretzinger is the Owner and CEO of WriterGirl, a company that creates content and strategy for hospitals and healthcare organizations across the US. Christy went from freelancing to owning her own agency, uncovering a passion for creating an environment where people can thrive. As a lifelong learner, she believes personal growth leads to professional growth.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What prompted Christy Pretzinger to develop WriterGirl?
  • How Christy built a business on kindness — and how it became a sales strategy
  • Cultivating a diverse writing team
  • Christy describes her cultural balance sheet
  • Why personal growth is crucial for a strong company culture
  • How to lead like yourself

In this episode…

Historically, men have dominated the business landscape with a fixed leadership style that suppresses creativity and growth. But the contemporary workforce demands personal development opportunities and culturally rich organizations. How can you develop a personalized leadership style to create the business you desire?

Business success is often measured on a balance sheet by its assets, liabilities, and equities. But Christy Pretzinger has established a proprietary cultural balance sheet that assesses human capital instead of numbers. She builds and leads a team based on the soft skills inherent in women leaders — empathy, relationship building, and communication — to foster personal growth. By managing your business with intentional values, you can have a greater impact on your bottom line.

WriterGirl’s Owner and CEO, Christy Pretzinger, joins Andrea Heuston in today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show to discuss leading with kindness. Christy also explains the connection between personal growth and company culture, how she cultivates a diverse writing team, and how to lead like you.

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