Stop Struggling, You’re There!

Merrie H. Reagan is a former educational tutor, small business owner, and writer. She is the author of Life Flashes, a memoir, diary, and biography recounting spiritual recovery from illness, unemployment, and broken relationships. Beyond her professional endeavors, Merrie enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, singing, homemaking, and yard work.

Merrie H. Reagan

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Merrie H. Reagan’s writing and journaling inspirations
  • The importance of writing with an audience in mind
  • Transitioning out of a victim mindset
  • How Merrie merges global events with personal reflections
  • What is the role of spirituality in personal endeavors?
  • Tips for overcoming self-limiting thoughts and behaviors

In this episode…

Are you constantly dragged down by hardships in your personal or professional life? How can you stop struggling and relinquish your victim mindset to gain spiritual freedom?

After grappling with mental illness and emotional turmoil, Merrie H. Reagan began writing to experience a spiritual journey. She maintains that viewing yourself as a victim leads to self-entitlement and a lack of confidence. Instead, accepting and embracing the conflict lets you recognize divine energy and experience gratitude for life’s beauty. Merrie also emphasizes the importance of engaging in activities you enjoy rather than living by others’ expectations.

In today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Merrie H. Reagan, the author of Life Flashes, to discuss her spiritual journey. Merrie explains the importance of writing for an audience, how she merged global events with personal reflections, and her creative inspirations.

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