Be Okay With Being Uncomfortable

Heather Dominick is the Founder and CEO of A Course in Business Miracles, a full-service coaching business where she trains highly sensitive entrepreneurs to work less, increase their income, and make a higher social impact. As a seven-figure entrepreneur with a branded mission, she has created the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs. Heather is also the author of Different: The Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution.

Heather Dominick

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Heather Dominick’s journey down an entrepreneurial path
  • The value of following your intuition
  • How Heather recognized herself as highly sensitive
  • What are the degrees and strengths of highly sensitive entrepreneurs?
  • Managing overwhelming feelings and shifting to a positive outlook
  • Heather Dominick shares insights from her book Different
  • How women can control their destinies

In this episode…

Research shows that up to 20% of the world is highly sensitive, meaning some people’s nervous systems process stimulation at higher degrees. This can lead to burnout and the false belief that highly sensitive people can’t excel in leadership positions. How can you recognize and harness your strengths to amplify your impact?

After burning out during the first 10 years of entrepreneurship, highly sensitive coach Heather Dominick discovered her sensitivities and strengths. Particularly sensitive individuals are intuitive, empathetic, and exceptional listeners, making them supportive leaders. Yet many of these professionals become discouraged by the mere possibility of feeling overwhelmed, so Heather recommends remaining proactive and conserving energy during these periods. This allows you to leverage your strengths to serve your business, relationships, and community.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Heather Dominick, the Founder and CEO of A Course in Business Miracles, to discuss highly sensitive leadership. Heather shares her journey as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, the degrees of high sensitivity, and why you should follow your intuition.

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