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Brandi Marek is a Business Advisor at Ferguson Alliance, which helps family businesses increase their value. As a second-generation family business leader, she helps leaders and owners assess their companies by aligning organizational structure, strategies, and finances with family goals. Before joining Ferguson Alliance, Brandi held leadership and management roles at Magnolia Gardens Nursery, a family-owned business.

Brandi Marek

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brandi Marek’s transition from a CPA office to a family-owned business
  • Brandi talks about her obligation as a daughter-in-law in a family business
  • Navigating relationships and difficult conversations in family businesses
  • What was Brandi’s impetus for becoming a consultant?

In this episode…

Leaders in family businesses often face an overwhelming sense of obligation to uphold familial expectations. How can you maintain relationships to build a thriving inter-generational company?

In a family-owned company, many members struggle to differentiate between work and relatives. As a former second-generation daughter-in-law in a family business, Brandi Marek simultaneously faced judgment for her role in the company and a duty to preserve the family legacy, causing her to develop imposter syndrome. Having become an advisor, she encourages families to communicate with each other by identifying their needs and goals, maintaining honesty, and clarifying expectations.

Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she hosts Brandi Marek, a Business Advisor at Ferguson Alliance, who talks about reconciling expectations and commitments in family businesses. Brandi shares her transition from an executive assistant to the manager of a family business, how her role as a daughter-in-law impacted her business relationships, and her desire to become a consultant.

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