Ask for What You Want

Luly B.

Luly B. is a business strategist, speaker, coach, mother, and best-selling Amazon author on a mission to help women define success on their own terms. She is a feisty Cuban-American mom and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, business consulting, and leadership.

Drawing from her experience in the nonprofit, academic, and corporate sectors as well as her own entrepreneurial journey, Luly supports women who wear a ton of hats to get over the guilt, self-doubt, and fear that stops them from truly living happy lives. She helps them create businesses around their lifestyle and family priorities while making an impact on their clients and community. She is blessed to share her message of empowerment, leadership, and confidence with thousands of women all around the country, including clients and partners like Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and Dell.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Luly B. explains why she started her own business, Luly B. Inc., and why she named the first brand Chispa Marketing
  • The success of Luly’s SPARK event
  • How Andrea and Luly met — and how they’ve been working together
  • How Luly’s core values play a role in her business and personal life
  • Luly talks about her BOOST Community, shares her experience dancing at an event, and explains how she deals with her own feelings of being too much
  • The best piece of advice Luly has received from a mentor, and her advice to women feeling lost
  • Luly’s superpower and contact details

In this episode…

Oftentimes, women fail to achieve their goals and attain the success they desire because of fear. They fear asking for what they want, going after their dreams, and facing reception from others. However, it’s vital that women remember they’re not going through the journey alone. It’s important to seek out a support group, celebrate the women inside (and outside) your circle, and acknowledge the expressions of love and appreciation around you.

But how do you fully receive the love and gratitude that’s being given? Luly B. is here to help. Luly guides women to connect with one another and build supportive communities. Through her BOOST Community, she helps women network, share their gifts, learn to be more confident, learn from one another, and create the type of business and life they desire.

Luly B., a business strategist and speaker, is Andrea Heuston’s guest in this episode of the Lead Like A Woman Show where she talks about leadership and building a community of supportive women. Luly also discusses her core values, her superpower of connection, and shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and speaker. Stay tuned.

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