Lead Like A Woman

Lead Like A Woman


Hope is Not a Strategy

Suzette Patterson

Suzette Patterson is the Founder of STAR-Performance Group, an authorized Sandler Training Center in Frisco, Texas. Suzette spent over 20 years in software sales and implementation before starting her Sandler business. She sold directly to physician practices and also built and managed teams for the largest GE Healthcare value-added reseller in the country. What she learned from all of those years of selling is that most companies do a great job of product and service training but they underestimate the value of having a sales process and developing their leadership teams.

Suzette blends her own experience with the internationally proven training and evaluation tools from Sandler Training to teach a unique brand of sales and leadership training as well as personal development. She has been instrumental in helping successful companies develop management sales and prospecting strategies. When she isn’t working with clients, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding motorcycles with her husband, and reading nonfiction books at the rate of one per month.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What inspired Suzette Patterson to start her own business
  • What is Sandler Training and how does its methodology work?
  • The kind of clients Suzette trains at her sales program and the biggest challenge that comes with her work
  • Suzette shares why she reads one non-fiction book every month and her top book recommendations
  • The value of setting SMART goals and using vision and accomplishment boards
  • Suzette discusses what she’s curious about today and the value of failure in success
  • Suzette talks about best piece of advice she has received and her own advice to fellow women leaders
  • Suzette talks about being called the Chief Encouragement Officer and why it’s her superpower

In this episode…

Every business starts with the goal of driving sales and making a profit. These are considered as one of the pillars of a budding new enterprise because without them, no business can continue to operate.

However, business owners often struggle with how they can make their people push boundaries and amp up their game. This is something that the team at Sandler Training’s STAR-Performance Group helps companies with. They help reinforce sales knowledge to business people, their sales teams and individual sales professionals. They do this by training them in sales management, leadership, and proven strategies that will help scale their business operations.

Suzette Patterson, Founder of STAR-Performance Group, joins Andrea Heuston in this week’s episode of Lead Like A Woman to talk about effective sales strategies to grow a business. They also discuss the history of Sandler Training, the types of clients Suzette works with, and the importance of setting SMART goals. Stay tuned.

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