Be Each Other’s Storytellers

Krista Bourne is a business leader and speaker who specializes in sales, service, operations, and workplace culture. As the former Chief Operating Officer of Verizon’s Consumer Group, she led five consumer channels, including 1,500 corporate stores and more than 5,000 authorized retail stores, multiple non-exclusive national retail relationships, and a globally operated customer service program. Krista focuses on challenging biases, embracing diversity and inclusion, and mentoring underrepresented groups into sales leadership roles.

Krista Bourne

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What led Krista Bourne to follow her vision?
  • Krista describes her growth as the COO of Verizon’s Consumer Group
  • Storytelling as a catalyst for effective communication
  • How to create a life by choice and lead by example
  • Krista’s approach to leading developing professionals
  • Silencing the critics through authenticity

In this episode…

Everyone has choices to make in their professional lives. Rather than relying on fate alone, your decisions shape your impact and how you present yourself. Learn how calculated choices can help you become a powerful leader.

After dropping out of college to raise a child at 19 years old, Black business leader Krista Bourne decided she didn’t want to become another statistic. Through self-discipline, leadership, and personal accountability, Krista became a key changemaker at a Fortune 20 company before transferring her skills to coach other rising professionals. By choosing to build a portfolio of skills, capabilities, and experiences, you can communicate and lead authentically through storytelling.

In today’s segment of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Krista Bourne to speak about creating an intentional life. Krista shares how storytelling facilitates effective communication, how to silence your critics through authentic leadership, and her approach to leading professionals.

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