Perfect Is Boring!

Laura Barnard

Laura Barnard is the Founder and Partner at BREAKTHRU Brands, a brand-building agency empowering women leaders to create personal and professional brands that break barriers. With two decades of experience in marketing and branding, she focuses her agency on building brands and guiding over 100 leaders to take action. Laura has led strategy for global brands such as HARIBO, Werther’s, and Skittles and has contributed to advisory boards for emerging startups, including PWRFWD and Fork Food Lab.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Laura Barnard talks about her transition from the corporate world to creating BREAKTHRU Brands
  • Laura’s revolutionary moments in founding BREAKTHRU Brands
  • How Laura’s background as a basketball captain influences her leadership style
  • What is the B.O.L.D. leadership approach?
  • Creating limitless possibilities in a limiting world
  • The importance of female leadership in today’s society
  • Advice for building a personal brand

In this episode…

Studies show that women leaders facilitate innovation and drive measurable business results. Yet women are continuously denied leadership roles and struggle to receive equal opportunities, which suppresses confidence and determination. How can you discover your leadership style and enable boundless possibilities for other women?

Typically, vulnerability is perceived as a weakness. But Laura Barnard says that women who exhibit this trait foster meaningful connections and confidence by demonstrating that perfection is overvalued and restrictive. Laura has developed the B.O.L.D. leadership approach to inspire emerging leaders to make an impact. The framework involves displaying bravery, being outspoken in your efforts, communicating your message and ideas with intention, and differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Join Andrea Heuston in today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she hosts Laura Barnard, the Founder and Partner at BREAKTHRU Brands, to talk about building influential leaders. Laura explains the importance of female leadership in today’s society, advice for creating a personal brand, and how to establish opportunities in a limiting world.

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