Creating a Life of Joy

April Roberts is the Founder of the Vixen Gathering, a coaching program and community for Gex X female entrepreneurs looking to scale to seven figures while enjoying life. As a keynote speaker, podcast host, and high-performing coach, she has helped guide hundreds of women’s transformations. April has been coaching entrepreneurs for 15 years through her financial practice and the Vixen Gathering.

April Roberts

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What led April Roberts to launch Vixen Gathering?
  • The importance of defining personal core values and goals
  • April shares why she coaches Gen X women
  • How to transition from masculinity to femininity
  • Managing time, energy, and confidence to attain freedom
  • An overview of The Vixen Voice podcast
  • Advice for misguided Gen X women

In this episode…

Many Gen X women have reached a turning point where they’ve achieved their career goals and started a family. This sense of finality can cause them to lose direction and feel unfulfilled. How can you achieve personal satisfaction to reignite your passions?

Having grown tired of living for others, self-established coach April Roberts discovered how to live her best life while juggling other responsibilities. She maintains that women face burnout when exerting their masculine energies in both personal and professional endeavors. Instead, women must channel feminine attributes to identify a work-life balance and attain optimal happiness. This often requires structuring your calendar around your energy by scheduling time for relaxation and enjoyment.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with April Roberts, the Founder of Vixen Gathering, to talk about finding enjoyment in your personal and professional life. April gives an overview of her podcast, explains how to transition from masculine to feminine attributes, and shares the importance of defining your personal values and goals.

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