Getting Unstuck

Erin Pheil is the Founder of The MindFix Group, a coaching company delivering programs to help entrepreneurs eliminate the mental roadblocks hindering them in their journeys. As an entrepreneur, she founded and managed an award-winning and nationally ranked web agency, where she worked with clients, including world-renowned philosophers and Fortune 500 companies. Erin’s work has been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, and webinars. She also delivers keynote speeches, workshops, retreats, and presentations on human behavior and rapid transformation.

Erin Pheil

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Erin Pheil’s catalyst for launching The MindFix Group
  • How to eliminate negative thoughts and combat self sabotage
  • What is rapid transformation?
  • Erin talks about The MindFix Group’s programs
  • The three root causes of negativity
  • Tips for overcoming stagnant beliefs

In this episode…

Countless women battle anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and imposter syndrome. They manage their symptoms through talk therapy, visiting doctors, and consuming drugs and alcohol, but these methods don’t address the source of the issues. How can you dislodge toxic thoughts and transform your mindset?

After struggling with chronic pain and deep-seated anxiety and depression, Erin Pheil discovered a way to thwart negative thoughts before they start. She identifies the three origins of mental stress as harmful beliefs, unprocessed memories from the past, and stagnant identities. Eliminating negativity involves correlating the pattern to its source and extracting it to shift your mindset.

On this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Erin Pheil, the Founder of The MindFix Group, who shares her transformational journey to eradicating toxic thoughts. Erin talks about the concept of rapid transformation, the programs she offers, and how to overcome stagnation.

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