Forward Is a Pace

Emily Drake is the CEO of The Collective Academy, a leadership development firm working with global organizations. With decades of experience in counseling, coaching, and facilitation, she helps leaders and teams create cultures that foster community, purpose, and well-being.

Emily produces and leads programs for professional services and nonprofit organizations, supporting entrepreneurial thinkers, creators, and leaders to envision the future. As a mental health clinician, she hosts the Who’s Missing podcast, which explores the stories and perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds.

Emily Drake

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Emily Drake shares her versatile career arc and the genesis of The Collective Academy
  • Discovering individuality through community
  • How The Collective Academy creates personal development programs
  • The value of honesty and self-acceptance
  • Support tips for high-achieving women
  • Emily’s inspiration for the Who’s Missing podcast
  • What did Emily learn when interviewing her mother on her podcast?

In this episode…

Every high-reaching leader has a personal growth story. Whether originating from trauma or accomplishments, these anecdotes facilitate meaningful connections. Learn about the impact of community on personal and professional development from an esteemed mental health expert.

According to therapist Emily Drake, the most effective way of discovering your identity is through connection and community. These facilitation groups should include a humanitarian leader who can make decisions and support and appreciate other members. However, leaders need support too, so Emily says to cultivate relationships with other high-achieving women and diverse individuals to advocate for you and help you attain your next endeavor.

In today’s installment of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes her guest Emily Drake, the CEO of The Collective Academy, to discuss discovering yourself through high-achieving leadership and support. Emily shares the importance of honesty and self-acceptance, how she establishes personal development programs, and why she decided to interview her mother on her podcast.

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