The Power of Mindset

Jane Frankel is the Managing Partner of The Art of Performance, which provides business education services to help organizations develop and grow through customer and partner relationships. As an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Temple University, she oversees project-based internships and corporate partnerships. Jane is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum in Greater Philadelphia, an advisory board member for Temple University’s Center for Regional Economics, and a member of the Middle Market Steering Committee for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Frankel

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jane Frankel’s career path from teacher to business owner
  • The benefits Jane experienced when taking ownership of her career
  • What are the four elements of mindset?
  • How mindset drives success
  • Identifying your five “whys”
  • Mindset versus mindfulness: a comparison
  • Jane shares her definition of women leadership

In this episode…

Women have a competitive advantage in today’s corporate environment, with businesses dependent on their autonomy and authoritative decision-making. However, to become leaders, women must discover and own their strengths. How can you harness your mindset to boost performance?

With a versatile career in education and innovation, Jane Frankel has identified four components of mindset: goals, values, beliefs, and work styles. Once you’ve established these elements, you can align them by observing and recording your behaviors and reactions. Gaining full control of your mindset lets you assess opportunities effectively to propel your personal and professional life.

Tune in to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as host Andrea Heuston sits down with Jane Frankel, The Art of Performance’s Managing Partner, to discuss the fundamentals of mindset. Jane breaks down the difference between mindset and mindfulness, her definition of women in leadership, and how to identify your five “whys.”

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