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Renata Merino is a motivational speaker, investor, founder, and women’s advocate. As a Latina serial entrepreneur, she launched three startup businesses that focused on doubling bottom lines, investing in others, and building for the future. With 25 years of experience as an operator and investment banker, Renata is an investor and leader in the venture capitalist community.

Renata Merino

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Renata Merino’s entrance into the startup space — and how she began empowering women
  • The phenomenon of women launching businesses during motherhood
  • How younger generations have subverted traditional gender roles
  • Renata talks about growing up in a self-made, entrepreneurial family
  • Abolishing generational and cultural patterns
  • How did Renata become a venture capitalist without adequate funds?
  • Renata previews her book about overcoming adversity

In this episode…

As of the 2020s, 1,800 startups have been launched daily. Most of the founders are Latin women who have developed creative methods of supporting their families while raising their children. Yet women-owned startups are historically underfunded, so how can you support these businesses?

As millennials and Gen Zs become parents, they have equalized the power structures between men and women by working and completing household tasks jointly. As a venture capitalist investing in female founders, Renata Merino says this gender role shift should apply to the corporate world, allowing women to establish credibility in a male-dominated space. By creating educational and career opportunities for women through adequate funding, you can break deeply embedded societal patterns.

In today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, serial entrepreneur and investor Renata Merino joins Andrea Heuston to discuss how women can pave their way through male-dominated systems. Renata talks about growing up in an entrepreneurial household, how she became an investor in women-owned startups, and the rise of women launching businesses during motherhood.

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