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Rick Gillis

Rick Gillis is a speaker, author, trainer, and innovator. He has been in the business of employment since 1997 when, as “employee number one,” he was involved with the launch of the first local employment website to serve the greater Houston, Texas market. Due to being first in the field and his sales acumen, Rick accidentally became the go-to local internet job search expert, which led to invitations to speak in the city of Houston and then across the United States while doing media along the way. His book, Leveling the Paying Field, is the sum of his varied and colorful career in sales, as a manager, author, speaker, award-winning media host, and now as an indisputable thought leader and champion of pay parity across gender lines. Rick also created the QTNT process to help workers and their employers identify and assign value to individual performance and accomplishments.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Rick Gillis talks about pay parity over the last 25 years — and his first encounter with pay parity as a child
  • How Rick’s experience working with the first online job board in Texas inspired him to create the QTNT score
  • Common causes of pay parity and how Rick has been helping bridge that gap
  • Rick talks about his new book, the lessons he has learned over the years, and his advice to women exploring pay parity
  • Rick’s superpower and contact details

In this episode…

What is the value of your contribution to a company? How can you measure your achievements?

If you have been working at a company for over a year, then you are bringing value to that business. Rick Gillis advises women to talk about their achievements without fear — which is something men do on a regular basis. He also advises people to identify and write down their accomplishments on a daily basis. The same applies if you are in business. Recognize your achievements and price your products based on the value you provide your clients.

In this episode of the Lead Like A Woman Show, Andrea Heuston is joined by Rick Gillis, a speaker, author, trainer, and innovator, to talk about pay parity and how to level the paying field. Rick shares his first encounter with pay parity as a child, the lessons he has learned over the years, and how he has been helping solve pay parity.

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