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Maeve Wang is the Co-founder and CEO of IAMBIC, a tech-driven footwear company that reimagines the shoe manufacturing process. With 10 years of experience in strategy, market research, and entrepreneurship, she strives to bring personalization and innovation to the traditionally mass-produced footwear industry. Maeve has worked with Fortune 500 companies and invested in wellness, wearables, and data analytics technologies. She is a recipient of the US National Science Foundation grant for IAMBIC’s groundbreaking footwear.

Maeve Wang

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Maeve Wang to Co-found IAMBIC?
  • The process of building a passionate and collaborative team
  • How Maeve pivoted her shoe company and acquired funding
  • Fusing art and science in shoe manufacturing
  • Maeve’s experience as a woman in an early-stage startup
  • The origin story of IAMBIC’s most renowned invention the “Model T”

In this episode…

The startup landscape is dominated largely by white men. So when women and minorities try to acquire funding for a new venture, they often face criticism. One Asian-American woman defied the odds to execute an innovative and passionate vision.

After noticing her feet changing shape and growing bunions from traditional footwear, Maeve Wang struggled to find specialty shoes to support her feet. What began as a mission to develop an accurate size-prediction tool for footwear blossomed into technology-driven shoes that conform to consumers’ feet. Yet this journey was met with judgment about Maeve’s identity as a minority entrepreneur, leading her to doubt her capabilities. Through mentorship, encouragement, and a supportive team, Maeve launched substantial ideas with conviction.

On today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Maeve Wang, the Co-founder and CEO of IAMBIC, to discuss her mission-driven journey. Maeve shares how she fuses art and science to revolutionize traditional shoe manufacturing, the origin story behind one of IAMBIC’s most notable inventions, and how to build a passionate and collaborative team.

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