Embrace Your Weaknesses

Lisa Rehurek is the Founder and CEO of The RFP Success Company, which helps mid-market businesses obtain more state government and private sector RFPs. She is also the President and CEO of Rehurricane Enterprises, a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBENC) supporting large organizations in their state government contracts. With over 26 years of RFP (request for proposal) experience, Lisa leads speaking engagements, training sessions, and workshops on the subject.

Lisa Rehurek

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lisa Rehurek’s inspiration for founding The RFP Success Company
  • The value of RFPs and how to secure them
  • How niching down and branding helped Lisa build a flourishing business
  • Tips for drafting a personalized RFP
  • Lisa shares key takeaways from her books and their target audiences
  • What was the genesis of The RFP Success Show?
  • How to create a personal leadership brand

In this episode…

When in leadership positions, women often compare themselves to others and place unrealistic expectations on themselves. Inspiring leaders are authentic, vulnerable, and confident. So how can you show up as your genuine self to create a positive influence?

According to bestselling author, speaker, and RFP authority Lisa Rehurek, the first step in developing a personal leadership brand is to discover your identity, voice, and destiny. This includes possessing the confidence to display fallibility and weakness. When drafting and securing RFPs (request for proposal), self-assurance is paramount in connecting with your audience and establishing trust. 

Tune in to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as Andrea Heuston invites Lisa Rehurek, the Founder and CEO of The RFP Success Company, to speak about cultivating self-assurance to secure RFPs. Lisa explains the value of RFPs in business recognition, how to draft a personalized RFP, and how she built a thriving company by branding and niching down.

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