Building the Plane While Flying

Brea Starmer is the Founder and CEO of Lions & Tigers, an award-winning professional staffing and workforce solutions partner. As a model of workplace flexibility and equity, Lions & Tigers was recognized as Microsoft’s Diverse-Owned Supplier of the Year and Puget Sound Business Journal’s Best Workplaces in Washington. Brea advises on numerous boards, including Women in Cloud and WECAN (Women Executive Channel Advisory Network). As an advocate for systemic work evolution, she speaks and coaches on workforce design, flexibility, and the future of work.

Brea Starmer

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brea Starmer’s impetus for Lions & Tigers
  • How Brea nurtured high-impact professionals to build a brand, culture, and community
  • The value of independent work
  • Brea talks about her efforts to advocate for integrated work environments
  • Cultivating workplace value in a fluctuating labor market
  • How does Lions & Tigers support women in the workplace?

In this episode…

In today’s unpredictable labor market, large corporations resort to laying off some full-time executives. Additionally, many women desire flexible, autonomous work environments allowing them to balance multiple roles simultaneously. How can you comply with these demands while maintaining your company’s bottom line?

As an advocate for independent and unified workspaces, Brea Starmer helps women and other underrepresented groups discover their ideal styles by dismantling the stigma surrounding unconventional work. She encourages businesses to establish a culture operating system that motivates employees to operate at their highest caliber. This necessitates leveraging agency partnerships to outsource diverse talent and align them with meaningful work that suits their skills and promotes career development, innovation, and retention.

In today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Brea Starmer, the Founder and CEO of Lions & Tigers, joins Andrea Heuston for a conversation about independent and blended workplaces. Brea explains how she nurtures high-performing professionals to foster unity, how she advocates for independent and integrated work environments, and how Lions & Tigers supports women and BIPOC individuals in the workplace.

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