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Katie McLaughlin

Katie McLaughlin is the Founder, Chief Strategist, and Transformation Artist at the McLaughlin Method, a boutique consultancy specializing in leadership and skills training for executive leaders of mid to late-stage startups. She is passionate about creating happier and healthier workplaces by stopping workplace hurt. In her business, Katie leverages her decades of experience driving organizational change, transforming processes and training programs, and applying principles of adult behavior and performance to create people-focused leaders and team cultures. Companies that work with her learn from the benchmarks and successes of over 15 software companies that have coached and trained with her.

Katie believes that culture must be consistently reinforced and brought into all interactions at work. Through leadership development programs, executives and rising leaders learn how to inspire and motivate their diverse teams, making inclusion and engagement a priority in the team culture. Katie believes all training must develop real skills and go beyond theory, so her sessions are highly interactive, employing theater exercises and games to go deeper while cementing the learning.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Katie McLaughlin’s inspiration to create the McLaughlin Method
  • What went right when Katie started her business?
  • Katie explains why she calls herself a transformation artist and explains how her theatrical background has impacted her corporate work
  • How the McLaughlin Method helps leaders improve
  • What Katie is currently focused on through her company and how she leads like a woman
  • Katie talks about her mentors and the most impactful piece of advice she has received from them
  • The biggest challenge Katie has faced — and how she overcame it
  • The types of exercises and training under the McLaughlin Method
  • Katie’s advice to women on becoming better leaders in the workplace
  • Katie talks about her superpower and shares her contact details

In this episode…

To be a great leader, you must be a person who is willing and ready to learn constantly, make changes in your leadership strategies where necessary, and be good at relating with other people. The best way to learn people skills is by practicing them constantly through interacting with different types of people.

Katie McLaughlin’s mission of helping leaders become better and more transformational people has allowed her to work with different executives from various companies. She believes that leaders should pay attention to their team’s varied perspectives, nurture them, and acknowledge their great potential.

Katie McLaughlin, the Founder of McLaughlin Method, is Andrea Heuston’s guest in this episode of the Lead Like A Woman Show where she talks about nurturing better leaders and living a transformational life. Katie also describes how her theatrical background has impacted her corporate work and explains how the McLaughlin Method helps develop great leaders.

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