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Jane Hanson is the Founder and CEO of HHH Productions, LLC, a consultancy helping clients elevate their speaking engagements. As an Emmy award-winning television journalist and media coach, she has spent over 30 years teaching people to enhance their communication skills. Jane has hosted programs on cable channels and private satellite broadcasts and has participated in events, including the New York Emmys, Toys for Tots, and Race for the Cure. She has been an anchor and correspondent for NBC New York Live.

Jane Hanson

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What led Jane Hanson to launch HHH Productions?
  • The nuances of media communications — and how to position your message effectively
  • Key advancements in the public speaking industry
  • How has partisanship impacted the media industry?
  • Jane’s approach to empowering women
  • Advice for improving communication

In this episode…

Research shows that 78.8% of people fear public speaking more than death. This is especially true for women who view themselves as 30% less capable than their peers. How can you gain the confidence to elevate your speaking and communication skills?

When breaking into the media industry for the first time, women had to be assertive and aggressive to compete with their male counterparts. But renowned media speaker Jane Hanson says that women can be authoritative and compassionate simultaneously. Approximately 80% of communication is nonverbal, and 38% relies on voice and tone. The key to confident communication is to hone your messaging by refining your body language, tone, and voice.

Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she chats with Jane Hanson, the Founder and CEO of HHH Productions, LLC, about becoming a confident female speaker and leader. Jane describes the nuances of media communications, evolving trends in public speaking, and how she empowers women in media.

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