Let’s Talk About Money

Hannah Smolinski is the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group, a virtual CFO agency providing small businesses with financial clarity and profit maximization strategies. As a CPA, Hannah’s professional experience with one of the world’s largest accounting firms shaped her vision of bringing high-level financial expertise to the small business community. She founded Clara CFO Group to be a trusted resource for small businesses as they navigate key financial decisions, strive for sustainable revenue, and plan for scale.

Hannah also hosts a YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers, where she extends her mission of empowering small businesses. Through this platform, she shares financial strategies, best practices, and educational resources that assist companies in understanding their financial statements and achieving financial success.

Hannah Smolinski

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Hannah Smolinski’s entrepreneurial drive to launch Clara CFO Group
  • How Clara CFO group helps entrepreneurs manage their finances
  • Hannah shares her experience working for her father’s company
  • Navigating the emotional aspect of small business finances
  • The most damaging mistakes small businesses make with finances
  • How did Hannah create her YouTube channel and podcast?

In this episode…

The majority of US companies are small businesses, and women own 40% of them. Yet many of these entrepreneurs lack knowledge and awareness of how to manage their finances. Through empathy and accessible education, one leader helps women and other small business owners gain financial clarity.

For many small business entrepreneurs, finances constitute their income and life savings, which often hampers their decision-making. With many of these professionals lacking transparency and managing their companies based on money in the bank, it’s crucial to maintain emotional intelligence to guide them through their journeys. As a CPA and entrepreneur, Hannah Smolinski hires analysts and consultants who possess a keen sense of empathy. She also creates comprehensible content to educate small businesses on loans and forecasting.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Hannah Smolinski, the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group, to address financial management basics for small businesses. Hannah shares common financial management mistakes, her experience working for her family’s business, and how she educates businesses through transparency.

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