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Jeanette Nyden is a contract negotiations expert, lawyer, and professor. Since 2003, she has been helping buy and sell-side professionals master the contracting lifecycle, from drafting and negotiating to contract management. Her legal expertise spans over 25 years, during which she established herself as an authority in the contracts and bankruptcy niche.

As an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University, Jeanette teaches negotiation courses to undergraduate and graduate students in the business school. She is also the co-author of The Contract Professional’s Playbook, Getting to We, The Vested Outsourcing Manual, and Negotiation Rules.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Jeanette Nyden became a contract negotiation expert
  • What led to the success of Jeanette’s business?
  • Jeanette talks about teaching negotiation and creating The Contract Professional’s Playbook
  • The value of being agile
  • The RFX Response Mastery program for sales professionals
  • How Jeanette leads like a woman
  • The best piece of advice Jeanette has received from a mentor
  • How Jeanette uses her superpower to empower others

In this episode…

Carving out your path to success can be a challenge if you constantly compare yourself to others. You have your own journey to make, so it is essential to give yourself permission to be you.

Jeanette Nyden, an experienced lawyer and contract negotiations expert, advises people to embrace who they are. Be authentic, confident, and take the necessary steps to improve your skills. You don’t have to change to be like someone else. As Jeanette explains, “You need to understand your why.” Find a purpose, and step in to fill a gap.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston is joined by Jeanette Nyden, a contract negotiation expert, to talk about negotiation tactics and Jeanette’s work in empowering others. They also discuss how the pandemic impacted businesses, the value of being agile, and Jeanette’s books and upcoming programs.

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