[Women of EO] Your Softness Makes You Stronger

Christina Harbridge is a behaviorist, keynote speaker, and the CEO of Allegory, Inc., a behavioral leverage company partnering with organizations and their leaders to amplify their abilities to work with and through others. She has partnered with neurobiologists, behavioral and data scientists, physicians, and artists to apply rigor to behavioral data. As an artist and storyteller, Christina served on the founding board of Emerge America and as chair of the Global Leadership Conference. She is the author of Swayed, which covers deliberate and nuanced storytelling methods.

Christina Harbridge

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Christina Harbridge’s impetus for pursuing entrepreneurship
  • Christina shares how she transformed the debt-collecting process to foster a culture of humanity
  • How Christina founded Allegory to enhance relationship-building
  • The power of authentic vulnerability 
  • What value has Christina obtained from EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)?
  • How Swayed teaches storytelling techniques based on physiology
  • Christina talks about her passion to advocate for women in politics

In this episode…

In leadership positions, men often extinguish or appropriate women’s ideas and characteristics. Consequently, women leaders become subdued, withholding their struggles and hiding parts of themselves that make them unique. How can you exhibit your authenticity to promote self-acceptance and build healthy relationships?

Traditional capitalist cultures suppress nuanced communication, reducing honest storytelling to an ingenuine marketing strategy. Behaviorist and master storyteller Christina Harbridge says synthetic communication is not viable and advocates for transparency and authentic vulnerability instead. This involves embracing your imperfections and strengths to gain the confidence to advocate for yourself and others. 

Andrea Heuston joins Christina Harbridge, CEO of Allegory, Inc., in today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show to talk about displaying authenticity and leading with strength. Christina shares how she fostered a culture of humanity through her debt-collection business, her passion for encouraging women to run for government positions, and the power of authentic vulnerability.

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