[Women of EO Series] Be Fearless

Manon BuettnerManon Buettner is the CEO of Nuvalo, a company known for helping their customers with their IT modernization journey. She is an accomplished CEO, a mother, a former gymnast, and the co-founder of Cloud Girls, a not for profit community of female technology advocates and leaders. 

Manon is an expert voice on cloud enablement and IT business management, and she is also an infrastructure architect, data center and cloud analyst, strategist, and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She is a tireless advocate for women in technology and a leader amongst leaders. She is also a good friend.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Manon Buettner explains what IT modernization means and how she got into the field
  • Manon shares how she got into entrepreneurship and why she started her own tech company
  • How Manon delivers services to her clients in a male dominated field and how she empowers and elevates IT leaders
  • Things Manon wishes she knew as she was starting her company and her learnings from her biggest business mistake
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the tech industry, the opportunities being created, and potential security risks that come with it
  • Manon discusses Cloud Girls and how the idea came about
  • Manon reveals why “be fearless” was the best advice she has ever received and why she advises the same to other women
  • The biggest challenge Manon has had to overcome in her business so far

In this episode…

In today’s rapidly changing world, people and companies are moving to a more application-centric economy. Businesses are migrating from hardware to a more subscription-based service which means more people are becoming more inclined to connect through cloud storage. Manon Buettner saw this opportunity as an opening for women to engage in a predominantly male-led industry.

In today’s episode of Lead Like a Woman, Manon Buettner, an expert in IT modernization, gets interviewed by Andrea Heuston about what IT modernization truly means and how she is able to provide cutting edge digital services in a male-dominated field. Tune in as she discusses her entrepreneurial journey, the reason behind Cloud Girls, and find out why she holds on to the best advice she has ever received: be fearless.

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