Fail Forward

Catherine Crosslin is the owner and CEO of Instar Performance, an internationally recognized personal and organizational development company. Catherine is an internationally respected leadership and organizational cultural consultant, executive coach, master facilitator and keynote speaker. Her engaging and interactive facilitation and coaching techniques help clients challenge and overcome deeply held beliefs and habits that inhibit growth, achievement and success. 

Prior to founding Instar Performance, Catherine dedicated 15 years to Gordon Graham & Co. Inc,where she led and developed for businesses in prison.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Catherine Crosslin discusses what it’s like running a leadership and organizational culture consultancy
  • How the automotive and sports industries tackle cultural issues, and how Catherine helps them stand out
  • Catherine talks about the similarity in human desire despite cultural influences
  • Catherine talks about working in male dominated fields and how she helps other women in the industry
  • How women can become more effective leaders and why it’s important for men and women to advocate for each other
  • Why having an abundance mentality is critical in uncertain times 
  • Catherine recalls her athletic career in highschool and college, why she started coaching, and what she learned in the process
  • Why Catherine believes women should fail forward and why young emerging leaders need leadership training and coaching 
  • Catherine shares the best pieces of advice she has received and how they helped her in her career

In this episode…

As more women take on leadership positions in companies and in different industries, the expectation to match men in order to achieve success can become overbearing. This is particularly true for male-dominated industries where the demand for women to behave just like men can be overwhelming .

But according to Catherine Crosslin, that shouldn’t be the case. Women can be more effective at work and they can achieve more if they stay true to who they are. By embracing their own uniqueness and working with who they intrinsically are, they will be able to accomplish more things. If things don’t go as planned, the best option is to fail forward and to continue pushing on. By treating their failures as learning experiences and mistakes as stepping stones for pivotal beginnings, women can open more doors of opportunities for themselves.

Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of Lead Like a Woman Show as she interviews Catherine Crosslin of Instar Performance about women in leadership and organizational culture. Join the conversation as Catherine talks about her experience and lessons learned while working in male-dominated fields, how women can be better leaders, what it means to fail forward, and the benefits of having an abundance mentality. Stay tuned.

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