Lead Like A Woman

Lead Like A Woman

SHE's Illuminating

The SHE’s Illuminating subscription combines the benefits of the SHE’s Excelling subscription with exclusive resources and support specifically tailored to delivering a successful TEDx Talk. In addition to all the features of the SHE’s Excelling subscription, the SHE’s Illuminating subscription provides additional tools and inspiration to help you excel on the TEDx stage. Here’s what you can expect:


TEDx Talk Best Practices and Tips & Tricks: Access a curated collection of best practices, tips, and tricks specifically tailored to delivering a successful TEDx Talk. Learn from experienced TEDx speakers and discover strategies to craft compelling narratives and deliver inspiring talks on the TEDx stage.


Customized List of TEDx Talks: Receive a customized list of TEDx Talks handpicked to inspire and inform you. Discover captivating stories, innovative ideas, and powerful presentations from speakers around the world, directly delivered to your inbox.


Visual and Stage Techniques for TEDx Talks: Gain insights into visual and stage techniques specifically tailored to TEDx Talks. Learn how to effectively use visual aids, body language, and stage presence to enhance your delivery and engage your audience on the TEDx stage.

The SHE’s Illuminating Level subscription in Lead Like a Woman SpeakHER provides a unique opportunity to enhance your speaking skills and excel on the TEDx stage. Join us at the SHE’s Illuminating Level and unlock the tools and inspiration that will help you amplify your voice, expand your influence, and make a meaningful impact with your TEDx Talk and beyond.

This subscription is a one (1) year commitment.
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