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Unstoppable Grit

Danielle Cobo is a motivational keynote speaker, best-selling author, and medical sales career consultant who helps organizations lead through change. As a former Fortune 500 senior sales manager, she built a high-performing team despite company-wide downsizing, restructuring, and acquisitions. This earned Danielle several awards, including Regional Sales Manager of the Year and four Sales Excellence awards. She is also the author of Unstoppable Grit and the host of the Unstoppable Grit podcast.

Danielle Cobo

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • From medical sales professional to consultant, author, and podcaster: Danielle Cobo’s journey
  • Discovering your superpower
  • How Danielle’s childhood trauma shaped her career
  • The genesis of the Unstoppable Grit book and podcast
  • Setting courageous goals and overcoming comfort zones
  • Advice for preventing burnout while achieving sustainable growth

In this episode…

The professional landscape is demanding, especially for women leaders. These individuals face immense pressure in all aspects of their lives. How can you cultivate sheer determination to mitigate burnout and grow exponentially?

Versatile leader Danielle Cobo was raised by a domineering mother who eventually committed suicide, nearly lost her husband in the Iraq war, and experienced a toxic work culture. Rather than surrendering to her trauma, Danielle identified and honed her propensity for resilience and grit. When facing hardships in work and life, she advises recognizing when to reprioritize and rest. Before lending yourself to others, caring for yourself, your family, and your business is vital to foster a long-term impact.

On today’s episode of The Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston speaks with Danielle Cobo about her path to resilience and determination. Danielle shares how to discover your superpowers, the origin story of her brand, and how her traumas shaped her career journey.

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