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Anika S. Jones is the Lead Consultant at Holistic Fluency Consulting, a comprehensive education consulting firm. As the community curator, she supports educators, individuals, and organizations in defining, developing, and demonstrating community through holistic strategies and restorative practices. Before Holistic Fluency, Anika was the PD Facilitator at Everman ISD and an Assessment Developer at Lancaster ISD.

Anika S. Jones

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Anika S. Jones’ evolution from a public school educator to founding Holistic Fluency Consulting
  • The value of relationships to Holistic Fluency’s success
  • Anika talks about her development courses for adolescents
  • How do you adapt your communication style to various audiences?
  • Cultivating community through soft skills
  • Advice for women to hone their communication skills

In this episode…

Sometimes, people are promoted based on their individual contributions rather than their abilities to lead a team. Consequently, they may struggle to adapt to management roles, viewing the position as a competition rather than a collaborative opportunity. How can you shift your mindset to elevate your communication style and amplify your influence?

According to community consultant Anika S. Jones, leadership is more than just high performance. As a leader, you must refine your soft skills to duplicate positive outcomes throughout your team. If you lack effective communication skills, Anika advises developing self-awareness to learn about and hone your strengths and weaknesses. She harnesses the power of relationships to boost engagement and cultivate robust teams.

On this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Anika S. Jones, the Lead Consultant at Holistic Fluency Consulting, who shares her communication and community-building approaches to leadership. Anika also discusses how relationships have influenced Holistic Fluency’s success, her development courses for adolescents and parents, and how women can improve their communication skills.

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