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Lead Like A Woman


Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable

Imelda Alejandrino is the CEO and Creative Director at AP42, a top-performing digital team specializing in advertising, branding, direct marketing, and technology. As a seasoned digital strategist, she has over 25 years of experience leading innovative creative efforts across various platforms.

Imelda’s work has spanned digital AR/VR, film, retail packaging, and events. She has collaborated with major brands, including Accenture, Meta, General Motors, and Chevron and launched Oggi, an immersive digital reality application, in 2020.

Imelda Alejandrino
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [4:01] Imelda Alejandrino’s journey into the creative space and the evolution of AP42
  • [5:52] The lessons Imelda learned from working with powerful clients and mentors
  • [13:31] Imelda talks about her groundbreaking VR platform Oggi and its applications
  • [17:20] How the metaverse has evolved and its adoption across generations
  • [19:42] Translating new technology for various audiences
  • [24:42] The strategic path to engaging with stakeholders through volunteering and networking

In this episode…

When embracing creativity and innovative ideas in your work, you’re likely to encounter resistance from those who are skeptical of new technologies. Rather than shying away from the new and uncomfortable, you can embrace it. How can you nurture creativity in a fast-paced digital world?

Creative powerhouse and digital visionary Imelda Alejandrino champions using immersive digital realities to strengthen connections and create memorable experiences. Yet attitudes toward technology adoption have been negative, so eliminating the associated fear with open communication and demonstrations is crucial in promoting widespread adoption. Imelda notes that mentorship, networking, and engaging in continuous learning have allowed her to develop groundbreaking new ideas in her career.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Imelda Alejandrino, the CEO and Creative Director at AP42, to discuss technological innovation. Imelda delves into practical applications of virtual reality, the metaverse, and the human aspect of digital engagement.

Quotable Moments:

  • “My superpower is making uncomfortable situations comfortable.”
  • “It’s not so much the demographics that matter, but rather the attitudes towards technology adoption.”
  • “If you’re a marketer, you think about age groups. For me, it’s attitude.”
  • “Confidence. That’s the most impactful piece of advice I’ve received, and it has stayed with me.”
  • “When I showed her my capabilities brochure that had AR in it, she said, ‘Call me Monday.’ And the rest is history.”

Action Steps:

1. Embrace new technology in your field to stay ahead of the curve: As Imelda demonstrated with her innovation in virtual reality, adopting new tech can differentiate your service offerings and attract forward-thinking clients.

2. Network strategically and volunteer within industry organizations: Engaging with others in organizations like WBENC opens doors to mentorship and collaborative opportunities.

3. Utilize immersive technology for enhanced engagement: Imelda’s success with Oggi shows how immersive virtual spaces can create deeper connections and more memorable experiences, projecting importance for events and education.

4. Be open to mentoring and continuous learning: Imelda’s professional journey underlines the importance of mentorship, both as a mentee and a mentor, fostering personal growth and advancing one’s business prospects.

5. Build confidence and communicate effectively: Developing confidence can help overcome barriers and empower female leaders to assert their presence in typically male-dominated industries.

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