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Carla Fowler, MD PhD is the Founder and Managing Director of THAXA Executive Coaching, Inc., a boutique executive coaching firm that leverages the best ideas from performance science to help global leaders. Graduating magna cum laude from Brown University and holding both an MD and a PhD from the University of Washington, Carla’s journey showcases her multidisciplinary expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. As an angel investor with a focus on med tech and biotech, she has built a diverse portfolio of over a dozen investments. Additionally, Carla engages in social impact initiatives with organizations such as Social Venture Partners, Seattle Rotary Club, Washington Women’s Foundation, Alliance of Angels, and the Keiretsu Forum.

Carla Fowler MD PhD

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Carla Fowler pursued executive coaching
  • How to repurpose your skills and capabilities
  • Carla’s approach to entrepreneurship
  • What went right when Carla started THAXA?
  • Understanding performance science
  • Carla’s top three performance science principles
  • How to build a good day with mindset
  • What is personal power and how can you harness it?

In this episode…

Performance science shows us how combining different skills can lead to amazing results. Whether in sports, business, or everyday life, we can achieve incredible results when we combine skills like creativity, strategy, and communication. How can you tap into the diversity of talents around you and within you to open doors to fresh opportunities and transformative breakthroughs?

Executive coach Carla Fowler believes that embracing diverse interests and skills, coupled with strategic focus and resilience, can lead to transformative career opportunities and personal growth. She emphasizes principles like brutal focus, relishing uncertainty, self-awareness, adaptability, and confidence in navigating career transitions as keys to personal power. To find what truly makes you happy in life, you must deviate sometimes from traditional career trajectories and empower yourself to pursue your passions.

In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Carla Fowler, MD PhD, the Founder and Managing Director of THAXA Executive Coaching, Inc., to talk about performance science and how it can help us in our daily lives. Carla discusses repurposing your skills and capabilities, her top three performance science principles, and how to harness personal power in our lives.

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