Lead Like A Woman

Lead Like A Woman

Michèle Hecken


Michèle Hecken is a leadership expert and a seasoned serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience founding and running a multimillion-dollar global company that she started at 23 and sold in 2019.

As a certified Executive Coach, her clients love Michèle’s no-nonsense strategies that they can apply personally and professionally. Michèle’s extensive experience running a global company with a remote team and hybrid workforce, along with her cross-cultural competence expertise make her a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the global business community.

She is an angel investor and mentor to the start-up community, is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization and also volunteers her time for the UN Mentorship program (UNTAD) in support of women entrepreneurs around the world.Over the past three decades of growing her companies, Michèle has lived in Europe and Canada. She loves traveling and has visited and done business in over 50 countries in various industry verticals. She’s a mom to two successful daughters and in her spare time, Michèle is also a visual artist and avid dancer. She loves great food, great wine, stimulating conversations and going on long walks with her dog Gia.