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Lead Like A Woman


[Women of EO] Everyone Has a Journey

Jessica Moseley

Jessica Moseley is the Chief Executive Officer of iYellow Group, a conglomerate of organizations (TCS Interpreting, TCSAccess, and iYellow Captions) working to provide equitable access to people with disabilities. As a social entrepreneur and the CEO of iYellow Group, Jessica brings together her passion for people and stories as she endeavors to make access something that is available to everyone.

Jessica has been featured in Kiplinger, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and SUCCESS Magazine. She’s also an active mentor and coach to hearing and deaf entrepreneurs and has been a judge for many pitch competitions. Jessica learned early on, as the daughter of deaf parents, about the realities of not having language access and the barriers that deaf individuals regularly have to navigate. These early life lessons not only shaped her communication methods but have also informed her outlook on life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How being brought up by deaf parents shaped Jessica Moseley’s life
  • Jessica describes the challenges involved in joining her family’s business and shares what she learned
  • How the iYellow Group evolved from a computer business and transitioned into offering interpretation services
  • Jessica explains what each company in the iYellow Group does
  • The value of providing everyone with easily accessible content
  • Jessica talks about her decision to adopt a deaf child and shares the transformative journey that followed
  • The best piece of advice Jessica received from a mentor and her advice for fellow women
  • Jessica’s superpower and contact details

In this episode…

One thing about life that you can’t deny is that everyone has a story to tell. Our various journeys shape everything from how we interpret our experiences to the types of lives we lead. And, those stories tend to impact other lives when we figure out how to share them.

For Jessica Moseley, being a leader isn’t about being the biggest or the best at something—it’s about being you. You have to learn how to be relatable, approachable, and honest in your endeavors. If you pursue your goals with authenticity and know what you have to offer the world, the difference you make in people’s lives will live in your story and theirs.

Jessica Moseley, the Chief Executive Officer of the iYellow Group, is Andrea Heuston’s guest in this episode of the Lead Like A Woman Show, where she shares her life’s journey and the lessons she learned along the way. Jessica describes how being brought up by deaf parents has shaped her experience and explains how she expanded her family’s computer-based business into several organizations that provide interpretation and assistive technology.

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